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Allen’s Assignment

Lverlyn’s Assignment

Jason’s sample recording

“Numb” by Linkin Park

Kevin’s performance

Hung’s performance

Mr. Salisbury and Mr. Jackson’s performence

Cathy and Stacy’s Performance

Tracy and Lindsay’s Performance

Sylvia,Karina and Genelle’s Performance

allen new chord intro

Karina’s First Performance Edition

This time Cherry and I chose a Chinese song ‘Qingfeideyi’ as our first performance’s song because we both like it very much and it’s a classical one among so many popular songs.This song is about a man who is going… Continue Reading →

lverlyn new chord assignment

Tow minutes tutorial-Jonathan

Lindsay’s Sample Recording

The song is called Lilac. Lilac You say you love Lilac best, Cause Lilac is your own name, How melancholy the flower is, How sensitive you are, As the flowers begin to die away, As the pictures begin to cease,… Continue Reading →

Document of Classroom Learning – Patricia

Good job guys

Jason’s Sample Recording

This is the background music of a cartoon movie.

Genelle– Introduce a New Chord

Wake me up when September Ends — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdpBZ5_b48g

Sylvia’s Sample Recording

Cathy’s sample recording

Mr. Salisbury – Learning to Loop

Hey everyone, Mr. Jackson introduced me to my new favourite thing the other day….electric guitars and loop pedals! The basic idea is that you can record yourself playing something, hit the pedal at exactly the right time, and it will… Continue Reading →

karina‘s new chord introduction

Did u learn how to play the chord Cadd9 now? Here’s the link for the tutorial of the song, and hope it well help u to learn this chord better.  http://youtu.be/-7Dp-x5b19M

Bm7 – Mr. Salisbury

Hey Everyone, Here is an instructional video to play the Bm7 (B minor 7th), which can be played both as a bar chord and not as a bar chord.   Here is the chord chart for the bar chord version…. Continue Reading →

Jake’s first recording song

Kortneys First Preformance

Okay, so i dont know if i uploaded this right. But for my song i did “Wagon Wheel” but Darius Rucker, and i made the silly decision on getting fake nails so my playing was not 100% accurate. But yeah… Continue Reading →

Tia & Janey’s First Recording

  Meaning of you – IU  

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