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Amir, Aiden, Kai, Andy’s Guitar Songs


If by Bread (Erica and Karen)

Assignment 3 play some chords by Owen and Kevin

Sunshine of Your Love A-Synchronised

So Mikaela, Terra and I are doing an A-Synchronised cover of Sunshine of Your Love by Cream. There are added pieces for the chorus.  

Anthony’s Intro Video

  It’s SOOOOOOOO OVERDUE (maybe a couple of months overdue, I blame video and sound quality) But it’s WAY BETTER THAN THE REST (maybe). Also, can you find the secret text in the video? Come on, try as best as… Continue Reading →

Sorry – Justin Bieber

Guitar sample #2 Erica and Karen


Aiden and Andy’s Assignment #2

Clare’s Sample Piece “Hey There Delilah”

This is pretty bad but anyway..  

Assignment #2, Sample Record by Erica & Karen

Karen Guitar Intro

Intro Guitar 11 Coops

Andy’s Intro Video

Aiden’s intro video

Eric and William play Shelby’s song

We have also added a few simple lyrics…   Here I go again, walking down the road Here I go again, walking home Here I go again, tripping on some mold Here I go again, to the hospital Here I… Continue Reading →

Matissa and Dorsa’s intro to original song

Summer by Matissa and Dorsa

See You Again | Joseph

Elissa – Performance #3

Sorry, Elissa: I forgot the title of the song you played here!

Eric and William’s Song

The guitar chords to our song: C Am Em Em C Am Em Em C Am Em Em C Am Em D7 G Em Am D7 G Em Am D7 G Em Am D7 G Em Am D7 G Em… Continue Reading →

Bert, Jeffrey, Kane, Yueyan’s practice

New chord introduce. The new chords we learnt is Cmaj7, it is not that much hard but still need practice. And we are learning a new song named Lost Star.

Brian Wu Sample Recording

Link to the original: www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6imJKgRDrQ The low E string is intentionally dropped to a D.      

intro video

Tracy’s new chord recording

Dorsas audio of what makes you beautiful

me strumming what makes you beautiful by one direction and matissa doing the base notes

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