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Eric Kim’s Second Performance

My song for this performance was “At the Bottom of Everything” by Bright Eyes. I chose this song because I liked the fast and upbeat chords, as well as the unique lyrics. I did not have a particular backstory to… Continue Reading →

Second Performance

The song I chose was Space Odyssey by David Bowie. It’s a long time favorite, and definitely a challenge to play. There are some quick and not-simple chord progressions, and quite a few very unique chords that took me a… Continue Reading →

First Class Performance

RIPTIDE BY VANCE JOY- ELISSA AND LORI (DISCLAIMER: Elissa was sick on performance day so we re filmed it in the dark and shady room.) What were your performance expections? I hoped that we would succesfully syncronize our ukelele playing and… Continue Reading →

2nd performance

  Tiffany Yuan; Jenny Yang ; Harrie Park Song: Mistletoe by Justin Bieber Chords: A E Fm# D Our Goal: To sing along with the guitar Unfortunately, we couldn’t fully accomplish that because we were nervous. We only focused on finger… Continue Reading →

First performanc Harrie.Tiffany.Jenny

Harrie Park. Tiffany Yuan. Jenny Yeng first performance: “You belong with me”  by Taylor swift

1st Recording – Patricia

Nick D. guitar 11 T.S


Ashley and Michelle guitar 11, T.S.

William Lee’s Goal

Song Choice Explanation – Ian Chen

Song Choice Explanation – Brian Wu

First Performance Song – Patricia

The song that I will be playing is Payphone by Maroon 5. I chose this song because it was one that’s easier to play and it’s by my favorite artist. This song is about a lost relationship where the girl… Continue Reading →

Michelle, Nicole video

Michelle, Niko video

we choose you belong with me

First Performance Song -Tracy Huang

you belong with me I think this song is bright and good for listening ‘the most important thing is that fit me to play ‘the story is telling about a girl loved a boy but he have a girlfriend ‘he’s… Continue Reading →

Harrie P 1st Performance

Tiffany + Jenny 1st Performance

First Performance Song- Eric K

I suppose that I will add a few comments on my thoughts on my first performance! I am performing alongside my good friends William and Anne. Anne and I are complete beginners whereas William is a professional amateur. We have been… Continue Reading →

Performance One Preflection

Here’s the scoop on my upcoming first performance at the end of this week! A couple things I wanted to add to what I said in my video are that I think it’s only suiting that ‘a’: I do this… Continue Reading →

First performance song -Cherry Gong

Why did you choose the song? Because the lyrics of this song remind me of the life in china. What is the song about (in your opinion)? This is about recall. What part or aspect of the song do you… Continue Reading →

Franco-What are you working on

Recently I’m working on the song “Boulevard of broken dreams” by Green Day. Green Day is one of my favourite bands. In my mind they are the NO.1 punk band in the world. This song made them win the 2006… Continue Reading →

Performance Goal Setting: Mr. Jackson Edition

For my first performance, I’m planning to play a song I wrote a few years ago called “Judy and the Town.” You can hear an older version of this song that I recorded with a three piece band last summer… Continue Reading →

Death Cab singalong led by Andrew

I will be posting the other videos (or a collection) when we return from break, but wanted to share this great singalong where our performances ended this morning. Thanks for making our audience/singaong that much better, Acting 12 class!

Jackson’s Five cover of “Settle Down”

Thanks to Jayden, Paul, Mitch and Dylan for teaching me this one!

Performance Goal this week: Learning an acoustic jam by the 1975

This week I’ve joined up with a few seniors from the block two drama class (which is coming to watch our performances this Friday) to join them in an acoustic cover of the 1975’s song, “Settle Down.” Jayden, Mitch, Paul… Continue Reading →

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