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Jasmin & Brianna’s Performance Goals #2

second introduce of performance

Amir, Kai, Andy, Ayden : Performance #2 introduction

First Performance Goals – Nina and Nikki

Chord introduction and mixing them

introduction to some chords. Part1 Ayden, Andy, Kai, Amirhossein

Introduction to some chords. Part1 Ayden, Andy, Kai, Amirhossein

Performance#1 introduction, Amir, Kai, Aiden, Andy

Anne’s Final Performance Preflection

Here is my rather long preflection for our final performance in guitar class this semester! I have really enjoyed spending time in a laid back atmosphere and getting to play music, and meeting some more amazing people along the way!… Continue Reading →

Performance-own composition

Tiffany Jenny Harrie we composed this song a week ago =) May.22.15

“Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked” Cover by Eric and William

The song we performed is “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant. This song was particularly difficult for me because all of the chords were bar chords. I (Eric) am very happy with our final performance. I… Continue Reading →

Eric and William play Shelby’s song

We have also added a few simple lyrics…   Here I go again, walking down the road Here I go again, walking home Here I go again, tripping on some mold Here I go again, to the hospital Here I… Continue Reading →

Stolen Dance cover by Lori & Elissa

Nick Ashley & Michelle guitar performance

Angela Bai Performance 3

Summer Song (by Matissa & Dorsa) performed by Shelby, Olga & Mr. J

Ian’s Performance #3 – Sunflower

Tracy and Lindsay’s Performance

Mr. J Performane – ee cummings prayer

With the help of visiting teacher from Thailand, Patong, and #introguitar alum Clayton.

Little Things

In this video, Nick and I did the song “Little Things” by one direction. We choose this song because we enjoyed playing the chords. We also liked it because the song is catchy and well known. What I found challenging… Continue Reading →

Ian Chen performance

Song: Last Waltz I honestly feel pretty dissapointed with this performance. It might have been the mixture of playing on a different guitar and nervousness but I found that a lot of my notes weren’t being held for as long… Continue Reading →

William Lee’s 2nd Performance

This was my first solo performance for Intro Guitar. I chose “More Than Words” by Extreme as my song. This song was difficult to learn because of the complex finger picking progressions. Each different chord had its own finger picking… Continue Reading →

Second Performance

The song I picked was supposed to be this really pretty song/lullaby called ‘Into the West’. My goal was to play it without singing and actually have it sound like the song. For this assignment I had planned to learn… Continue Reading →

It Hasn’t Happened All The Time – It Happens All The Time, Tyler Shaw – Anne’s Performance #2

Well this was really my first solo performance ever, to think of it actually. It certainly hasn’t happened all the time, but listening to this song has. I chose this song to perform because it has fairly simple chords and… Continue Reading →

Dorsa Matissa & Michelle Pumped Up Kicks

Our goal with this performance was to have a variety of things going on instead of all of us just strumming down at the same damn time. We practiced it a lot and it sounded really good, but it was also a challenge… Continue Reading →

Dorsas group performance with michelle and matissa

Our group decided to do the song pumped up kicks. We chose this song because we thought it would be a nice change, and we set a challenge for our selves. Our goal was to play this song with the… Continue Reading →

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