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Introduce a New Chord

chord introducing

allen new chord intro

lverlyn new chord assignment

Genelle– Introduce a New Chord

Wake me up when September Ends — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdpBZ5_b48g

karina‘s new chord introduction

Did u learn how to play the chord Cadd9 now? Here’s the link for the tutorial of the song, and hope it well help u to learn this chord better.  http://youtu.be/-7Dp-x5b19M

Bm7 – Mr. Salisbury

Hey Everyone, Here is an instructional video to play the Bm7 (B minor 7th), which can be played both as a bar chord and not as a bar chord.   Here is the chord chart for the bar chord version…. Continue Reading →

Asynchronous Jam: Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”

Ok, here’s a potential project / assignment / lark for those of you looking to experiment with a new chord and potentially a new way to collaborate musically across space and time. Allow me to introduce the Asynchronous Jam, and… Continue Reading →

The chords i learned this week ~deven~

Easy G D minor G normal C major E minor D

Lyrics and Chords

Keith Urban-Days Go By UltimateGuitar.com Hope I can learn this D Em7 I’m changing lanes and talkin’ on the phone D/F# Dm7 Drvin’ way too fast D Em7 And the interstate’s jammed with gunners like me D/F# Afraid of coming… Continue Reading →

What i’ve been up to – Immy

Hello! I recorded this in the hallway a couple of times, but it was always really awkward with some sort of interruption. So i did it at home. This week I added the A chord (and F, but i’m bad… Continue Reading →

Introduce a New Chord: A minor

While we haven’t learned A major yet, one of my favourite chords is Am, which you can see above.  Going well with G, F, and Cmajor, Am is an excellent compliment to so many of my favourite guitar songs. A… Continue Reading →

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