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Class Song Introductions

Josh Ritter’s “Wolves” (2014 Edition)

Beginning with the same chords, we find ourselves in a similar situation to last year: In class over the next few days, to build on our initial knowledge of D major and E minor, we’ll be playing Josh Ritter‘s song “Wolves,” from… Continue Reading →

Van Morrison – Wild Night

Here are the chords, and a brief description of the song via Wikipedia: Tom Maginnis in Allmusic describes it as: “an effusive three and a half minutes of Stax-inspired R&B, buoyed by a sweet guitar lick from Ronnie Montrose of such quality that would make Steve Cropperproud.”[3]… Continue Reading →

Aura and The Rubs

This is the official post for the largest performance group, which was originally two groups. There was a life changing event that caused Aura and The Rubs to come together. We will be showing the class how to play two… Continue Reading →

3b4g – Let it be

For our group lesson we chose to do Let it be by the Beatles. Here’s the song: We’re  following this chord progression, but when it gets to the faster bit with the lyrics “let it be” (you’ll know it when… Continue Reading →


  HEY, this is for the Californication group’s presentation project purpose. I basically went through the song. On the video, I’m using bar chord to play chord ‘F’, but you have a choice to do in your own way whichever… Continue Reading →

Class Song Introductions

Following last week’s rocking first performances, we’ll begin looking this week at putting together a repertoire of class songs through which we’ll begin to learn how to wield the awesome power of the Thirty Person Rock Band explored in block… Continue Reading →

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