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What I’m Working on

Amir, Kai, Andy, Ayden : Performance #2 introduction

Performance#1 introduction, Amir, Kai, Aiden, Andy

Song writing Nick, Michelle & Ashley

Recording #1

This is just a small section of a song I’ve been working on. It’s more complex than my other songs but I’m hoping to have it finished in the following weeks.

Joy’s first performance

Shelby’s First Recording – What Makes You Beautiful

I thought I should just work on what we’re doing in class. My main goal for this was to practice the little bass line thing and to get the easy b without much buzz to it.

Block 3 – First Class Song – Wagon Wheel, Darius Rucker

A little delayed, but late is better than never! The Block 3 Intro to Guitar class tried their hand at playing Darius Rucker’s Wagon Wheel (previously performed by Old Crow Medicine Show… however it is neither of these bands original… Continue Reading →

First performance – Tia

I toootally forgot about this assignment and I think it’s wayyy too late to post this but oh well 😉 Okay so the lyrics goes something like: Each word you say, each laugh They have such big meanings to me… Continue Reading →

First Performance Song – Patricia

The song that I will be playing is Payphone by Maroon 5. I chose this song because it was one that’s easier to play and it’s by my favorite artist. This song is about a lost relationship where the girl… Continue Reading →

First Performance Song -Tracy Huang

you belong with me I think this song is bright and good for listening ‘the most important thing is that fit me to play ‘the story is telling about a girl loved a boy but he have a girlfriend ‘he’s… Continue Reading →

First performance song -Cherry Gong

Why did you choose the song? Because the lyrics of this song remind me of the life in china. What is the song about (in your opinion)? This is about recall. What part or aspect of the song do you… Continue Reading →

First Performance Song: Safe & Sound – Lindsay Cheng

Why did you choose the song? It’s a extremely beautiful song. I always listened to it when I first stayed in Canada. In other word, this song is my first memory of Canada. What is the song about (in your… Continue Reading →

allen’s first performance

shake it off dating love friend i don’t know yet this song is fast and different rhythm  . i will play with lverlyn

first performance song —- lverlyn

i plan to perform ”shake it off” with allen this song is my soul song and is easy to play i think is about dating and hang out with others i didn’t decide which part i’m going to make it… Continue Reading →

Shelby – What are you working on?

Sorry about the bad sound quality. I’m not going to sing for the performance for 1 one reason. Well, actually 2 reasons:  #1 I don’t sing in front of people, and #2 I don’t think I’m capable of both singing… Continue Reading →

Performance Goal Setting: Mr. Jackson Edition

For my first performance, I’m planning to play a song I wrote a few years ago called “Judy and the Town.” You can hear an older version of this song that I recorded with a three piece band last summer… Continue Reading →

John Prine Style Fingerpicking


Does this past the test?

Somehow I got it in my head to try to play English Civil War, an old song by The Clash. I though it would be pretty easy because it’s all eighth notes and power chords. It didn’t come out very… Continue Reading →

Yazhi 2

Free Fallin’ Chords-Tiffany Kim

I’ve been “attempting” to learn this new song, but I’ve barely had any time to practice. So, this is just a recording of the Free Fallin’ chords, D, G (the hard G) and A. I just need to learn the… Continue Reading →

Chord Combo-Tiffany Kim

This is just a chord combo Ryan and I put together. The Chords go 8 counts of G (the country thing, where your pointer finger switches from the B string and G string), four counts of E minor, four counts… Continue Reading →

Stuff I’m Working On – Drew

Hi everyone, this week I have been working on a couple of songs to learn those being Sunshine of Your Love by Eric Clapton and Kryptonite by Three Doors Down. Here they are Sunshine of Your Love – on this… Continue Reading →

guitar3 – Jack

One more time with this thing

So here I am again babbling on about Van Morrison’s Wild Night one more time. That riff that goes on throughout the song is built out of the G major pentatonic scale, which is a good thing to know. Here’s… Continue Reading →

Tunings and Timing

Hey there, here’s a video that covers a Billy Bragg song, No One Knows Nothing Anymore, which is off of his latest CD. As mentioned in the video, I played it with my guitar tuned down a full step which… Continue Reading →

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