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Your “Soul” Song to Start the Day Off Right!

Post a video or recording of a song that really speaks to your musical “soul”, and a description of why you chose it. This song will be played at the beginning of one of our classes to get the music flowing, and toes tapping!

Kortney’s Soul Song

I know this song is a country song but i like the meaning of it, and for some reason it has always made my day better since i was little.  The main part of the songs says “Life’s like a… Continue Reading →

Cherry’s Soul Song

继续,给十五岁的自己。 This song is about 15 years old. I’m less than 15 years old  ,the lyrics of this song remind me of the life in china.This song tells us don’t fear the future,you just need to face up to it.When… Continue Reading →

Animals – Maroon 5 – Jason Zhang

Jessica’s soul song

This is my favorite soul song.

Jonathan’s Song

We do have a cover version of this song in China, but I can’t find any Chinese version have guitar accompany so I choose this Japanese version instead.

Lindsay’s Soul Song

Brightest Star In The Night Sky When I heard this song at the first time, I was completely shocked by its wonderful rhythm and melody.The lyrics are also great. I like singers who write their own lyrics. It tells me… Continue Reading →

Bring it on Home to Me (Yeah)

I can’t recall for sure where I first heard Sam Cooke’s classic “Bring it on Home to Me,” or his wonderful voice. And there are a lot of his songs – along with those of Smokey Robinson, Otis Redding, and… Continue Reading →

Mr. Salisbury – Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine

This assignment is all about finding a song that you want to share with the rest of the class…something that really speaks to you and think everyone should want to listen to day and night. Post a video or recording… Continue Reading →

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