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Your “Soul” Song to Start the Day Off Right!

Post a video or recording of a song that really speaks to your musical “soul”, and a description of why you chose it. This song will be played at the beginning of one of our classes to get the music flowing, and toes tapping!

Joseph’s Soul Song

Janey’s soul Song

I chose “Canon Rock”by Sungha Jung. I watched this video, and he become a my favorite guitarist. when he was take this video, he just started the electric guitar 2 months ago. I am proud he is also Korean. Enjoy:)

Eric Kim’s Soul Song

My soul song is “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire. For me, whether or not I like a song is heavily dependent on good it sounds. The lyrics and meaning to the song actually comes second. In this case, I find… Continue Reading →

Tia’s Soul Song

Okay so this song is originally by a Korean singer Roy Kim but Sungha Jung. The title of this song is  “Spring Spring Spring” hehe. I recently fell in love with this song again since spring is almost here! The lyrics goes… Continue Reading →

Dan’s Soul

Tina Yang’s soul song

Hung’s Soul song

I posted this song because I really like the singing.

Aaron’s Soul Song

1985,We Are The World.So mang people’s dream in there.There are to many master, and we can’t find a song like that anymore.

Kevin’s Soul Song

Yidng’s soul song

“Ordinary road” Han lyricist certain time to go home Hackberry, Hackberry in the creation of “ordinary way”, Han listening to that would like to use in his film “will no period”, the then Han for “ordinary road” lyrics and the… Continue Reading →

Jessie’s soul song

 I think it’s a cool and mellow night music.What I love most about this song in its original form are its texture and atmosphere.

Neo’s Soul Song

Ellen’s Soul Song

The reason that I love the song is because of the melody and the meaning of the lyric.

Michelle, Nicole video

Michelle, Niko video

we choose you belong with me

Cathy Soul Song

This song is from the famous black male singer Darius Rucker played countryside is a passionate song, this song’s theme is rock, but the whole song is relaxed and cheerful people excited is the first one will fall in love… Continue Reading →

Joy QIU Soul Song

Favorite song

I think this song is bright and good for listening ‘the most important thing is it is easy to play ‘in guitar

Franco’s Soul Song

Karina’s Soul Song

This was the first English I learnt to sing so its quite special for me~Comparing with the new popular songs,I prefer the kind of songs like ‘my love’ ,its not very fast but quite pleasant.That makes  me like it so… Continue Reading →

soul song allen

lverlyn’s soul song

Victor’s song—Free loop

The song here is by Daniel Powter, a great singer and pianist. This song tells about dream and assist. Great melody, great words. It moves me every time I hear. Don’t give up, what if your dream does come true?

Patricia’s Soul Song

One of my favorite songs is “Maps” by Maroon 5. The story behind this song is a guy is cheated on by his girlfriend, even though he was always loyal to her. He was always there for her, even when… Continue Reading →

Genelle’s Soul Song—Try by Colbie Caillat

I chose this song because of its meaningful lyrics and relaxing sounds. It has always made my day since the first time I  listen to this song. Basically, it said that you don’t have to try so hard to fit… Continue Reading →

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