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Video Assignments

Bri’s Assignment #2

Sorry this isnt great but I had fun filming it!!!

Amir, Kai, Andy, Ayden : Performance #2 introduction


introduction to some chords. Part1 Ayden, Andy, Kai, Amirhossein

Introduction to some chords. Part1 Ayden, Andy, Kai, Amirhossein

What Song We Chose

tina poy cindy’s goal introduce

Performance#1 introduction, Amir, Kai, Aiden, Andy

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air cover with Clayton

Joseph’s Soul Song

Tracy and Lindsay’s Performance

Sylvia,Karina and Genelle’s Performance

My first song Angela Bai

Back To MACC – Anne, original song

So yes, this is a whole song, mostly finalized, but some minor changes still being made every day. The words are in the video, but I’m only going to type out the chords and the structure of the song below…. Continue Reading →

Tow minutes tutorial-Jonathan

Document of Classroom Learning – Patricia

Good job guys

Mr. Salisbury – Learning to Loop

Hey everyone, Mr. Jackson introduced me to my new favourite thing the other day….electric guitars and loop pedals! The basic idea is that you can record yourself playing something, hit the pedal at exactly the right time, and it will… Continue Reading →

Janey’s soul Song

I chose “Canon Rock”by Sungha Jung. I watched this video, and he become a my favorite guitarist. when he was take this video, he just started the electric guitar 2 months ago. I am proud he is also Korean. Enjoy:)

Dorsas group performance with michelle and matissa

Our group decided to do the song pumped up kicks. We chose this song because we thought it would be a nice change, and we set a challenge for our selves. Our goal was to play this song with the… Continue Reading →

Eric Kim’s Soul Song

My soul song is “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire. For me, whether or not I like a song is heavily dependent on good it sounds. The lyrics and meaning to the song actually comes second. In this case, I find… Continue Reading →

Jake’s first recording song

Kortneys First Preformance

Okay, so i dont know if i uploaded this right. But for my song i did “Wagon Wheel” but Darius Rucker, and i made the silly decision on getting fake nails so my playing was not 100% accurate. But yeah… Continue Reading →

Tia & Janey’s First Recording

  Meaning of you – IU  

Jason’s First Performance

Jonathan’s Perform

Joseph’s First performance

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