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Tell the Story of Your Guitar

Michelle Hong introduction

Introducing my Guitar-Tiffany Kim

Seeing musically gifted people these days makes me wonder if I would have been able to play like them upon further pursuing my musical ability, which is basically what motivated me to get my own guitar.   I really want… Continue Reading →

Introducing my first guitar

Alan’s Old Guitar

I’m back again for Intro to Guitar, with not much progress in a year, but I still love strumming around. I pretty much told the story of my Takamine last year (and it sounds similar to Irwin’s story). Those who… Continue Reading →

Intro to my guitar 2014

Hello everyone – intro to my guitar, on video for 2014 Ooh, I’m up for cover or lesson requests if anyone wants me to do anything in particular….

Course introduction #IntroGuitar

My name is Irwin DeVries and I’m happy to participate in this online guitar class. I’ve added a brief audio clip with an introduction and a snippet of my more acoustic-ey guitar sound. I have other, noisier sounds as well…. Continue Reading →

Tell the Story of Your Guitar

During the 5th grade, I would say I had a slight attraction to music. With no reason what so ever, my mother bought me my first guitar. It was a black beauty. It was legit black. It was amazing, to me, it… Continue Reading →

Courtesy of CBC Music by way of Grant Potter on Willie Nelson‘s 80th Birthday:

Eric Clapton introduces “Brownie” & a few of his treasured guitars

From Rolling Stone: Clapton remembers first being struck by the Strat when he saw Buddy Holly with one, but he became obsessed when he saw Buddy Guy play one live. He started using them regularly after Cream broke up, using Brownie during the early Seventies and… Continue Reading →

Hello, my guitars and my playing.

Hello – I’m David Kernohan (dkernohan on twitter) and as well as the various other things I do I am a guitar player. I started playing when I was about 8 years old, but there was always a guitar lying… Continue Reading →

Story about my guitar

I was going to post a recording for asynchronization, but my ipod seems to hate downloading new apps so I didn’t really know how to record so I decided to this instead. I don’t really have a name for my… Continue Reading →

The story behind Rachels gutiar

Hey guys so this is my story of my guitar! Well it all started off when I was in grade 4 and I saw this guitar at Toys r Us and of course I begged my mom if I could… Continue Reading →

My Guitar(s) Story(s)

Hey ya’ll. So I can’t really show you guys my guitar due to my ultimately destroyed iphone, but the story will do Technically, neither of my two guitars are even mine – one of which is ~800 and the other… Continue Reading →

Beyonce’s Story

Hey guys! Meet Beyonce, yes, I named my guitar Beyonce. I Named her Beyonce only because Beyonce is a goddess. Bey is a GWL, not sure if that’s a good brand or whatever because I’m not as educated as some… Continue Reading →

Cmdr. Chris Hadfield on pickin’ Larrivée Parlor in Space

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoMCrkdee8s] While I’ve been pestering him to join us for some guitar this semester while he is commanding the International Space Station, I came across this video of Chris Hadfield talking about the guitar that lives aboard the ISS… Continue Reading →

The Blue Guitar

  Just thought I’d show you my most important guitar. This guitar is the one that got me going on learning to play. Here’s a little background. I’ve always wanted to play the guitar but my excuses were always bigger… Continue Reading →

The Blue Guitar

  Just thought I’d show you my most important guitar. This guitar is the one that got me going on learning to play. Here’s a little background. I’ve always wanted to play the guitar but my excuses were always bigger… Continue Reading →

The tale of Clayton’s Guitar

Thinking about this assignment, I couldn’t help but to think that the story of one’s guitar(s), in many cases, can tell the story of a person. My story is one of those stories. My story is not of a single… Continue Reading →

The TALONS Guitar

All the places we have been: TALONS Guitar Photoset on Flickr. There’s also some pics posted by others under the tag, TalonsGuitar. It’s fitting that two of the TALONS alumni that originally gave me the guitar pictured above are actually in Introduction to… Continue Reading →

Acoustic Guitar Stories

So these are my instruments. I’ve decided to tell the story of my acoustic guitars in this video. I might do some others later on, but my main instrument is acoustic guitar, and one in particular that’s been around the… Continue Reading →

Guitars I Don’t Have

Somehow I managed to do my homework ahead of time, since my intro video included the story of main main guitar, an acoustic I’ve had since age 15. I thought I would turn this inside out and talk about 2… Continue Reading →

The story of my guitar

The story of my guitar, originally uploaded by Rowan Peter. Chapter 1 – Last Saturday The story of my guitar is plain and rather unglamorous. I wanted to take part in the Introduction to Guitar course, so I went to… Continue Reading →

Scheurenbrand Archtop Intro

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zoEMSwu-TU&w=560&h=315] Here’s a brief story of how I came to have this archtop. The site for the luthier, a friend of mine, is here: http://koaguitars.com/ and pictures of it as it was built (and pictures of me at 18… Continue Reading →


Good day fellow guitar players! My name is Nathan Moes. I am a teacher living and teaching in the tiny town of Dease Lake in Northern B.C.  I have followed the activities of the Talons classroom through Bryan’s blog and… Continue Reading →

Assignment: Tell the Story of Your Guitar

Inspired by a conversation with Colin in the comments of his Intro Post, as well as the story of Alan’s guitar: Tell the Story of Your Guitar Some topics of conversation What kind is it?  Where / how did you… Continue Reading →

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