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First Performance

Justin Wang’s introduce of perfrom

Karina’s First Performance Edition

This time Cherry and I chose a Chinese song ‘Qingfeideyi’ as our first performance’s song because we both like it very much and it’s a classical one among so many popular songs.This song is about a man who is going… Continue Reading →

Performance One!

Such a late post, ohohohoho.

Jonathan’s Perform

Kevin’s first performance

Hung’s first performance

Sylvia’s and Karina’s first performance

Tracy’s First Performance

After the first performance

So the song that me, Janey, and Jake chose was “Meaning of You” by IU. Although all three contributed in decision making, Janey wasn’t able to play with us on the day of the performance. I think it went pretty well;… Continue Reading →

Block 3 – First Class Song – Wagon Wheel, Darius Rucker

A little delayed, but late is better than never! The Block 3 Intro to Guitar class tried their hand at playing Darius Rucker’s Wagon Wheel (previously performed by Old Crow Medicine Show… however it is neither of these bands original… Continue Reading →

First performance – Tia

I toootally forgot about this assignment and I think it’s wayyy too late to post this but oh well 😉 Okay so the lyrics goes something like: Each word you say, each laugh They have such big meanings to me… Continue Reading →

Cathy and Jessica’s first performance

Lindsay’s 1st Performance

Anne, Eric, and William’s First Performance

Aspiring amateur guitarists (Anne Yolland, Eric Kim, and William Lee) perform their interpretation of “Time of Your Life” by Green Day. All were extremely happy with the performance, and played once again in front of the class. We enjoyed working… Continue Reading →

Harrie P 1st Performance

Tiffany + Jenny 1st Performance

First Performance Song- Eric K

I suppose that I will add a few comments on my thoughts on my first performance! I am performing alongside my good friends William and Anne. Anne and I are complete beginners whereas William is a professional amateur. We have been… Continue Reading →

Franco-What are you working on

Recently I’m working on the song “Boulevard of broken dreams” by Green Day. Green Day is one of my favourite bands. In my mind they are the NO.1 punk band in the world. This song made them win the 2006… Continue Reading →

What are you working on (1) –Angela

I love the melody of this song.It is very lively and always make me excited,even though maybe the words of this song are sad.Anyway I love this song .

Olga – What Are you Working On #1

In hindsight, it’s a fairly simple song for me to play. Still, it’s the performing part that wigs me out. Gotta work on that above everything else.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ There’s also a song with similar chords by the same artist that… Continue Reading →

The First Performance by Koreans

The song is called “먼지가 되어(Become Dust)”. Vocals – Kevin Lee & Chris Lee Acoustic Guitars – Kevin Lee, Paul Kim & Garry Yoo Electric Guitar – Chris Lee Bass Guitar – Jaydon Kim Drums – John Choi Hope you… Continue Reading →

Class presentation

For our class presentation , I have partnered up with Riley and Sierra ( hopefully she will be back in class ) because I’m more of a beginner compared to Riley , she is doing more of a challenging strumming… Continue Reading →

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