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Course Introductions


Howdy 2016

Hiya again, Bryan and Talons. I’ve bummed around here a few times (intro for 2013 and one for 2014). Tonight’s greeting is from San Juan, Puerto Rico, where my “axe” as I told Bryan in a message, is more of… Continue Reading →

Mr. J Intro Video

A few days behind the crew, but here is my intro video for this year’s #introguitar semester. My previous year’s efforts are here: 2013 2014 As I mention in this year’s video, I’m borrowing a little inspiration to focus my… Continue Reading →

Clare’s Intro Video

Mikaela’s Intro Video

Nikki and Nina’s Intro to Guitar!

Terra’s Intro Video

Quinn Fowlie’s Introductory Video

Boryan Lee’s intro video

Jasmin’s Intro Video

Justin Wang introduce

brianna’s intro video

Amirhossein Moradi, Introduction

Tracy’s couse introduction

Cathy’s Course Intro

Jessica’s soul song

This is my favorite soul song.

Yiding’s Intro Video

Franco Intro Video

My name is Franco, here is my video

Bain and Victor’s intro viedo

Jonathan’s Intro video

Cherry’s Guitar Intro

Karina’s guitar intro

Jake’s Intro video..

Hung Wang introduction video

jessie’s guitar intro

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