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Sample Recording

Sorry by J Biebs (Sample Recording) – Nikki, Nina, and Cooper

Chord introduction and mixing them

introduction to some chords. Part1 Ayden, Andy, Kai, Amirhossein

Introduction to some chords. Part1 Ayden, Andy, Kai, Amirhossein

Performance#1 introduction, Amir, Kai, Aiden, Andy

Bri & Jasmin Sample Recording

Sample recording #2, Amirhossein &Kai

Assignment #2: Mikaela’s Sample Recording


Clare’s Sample Piece “Hey There Delilah”

This is pretty bad but anyway..  

When You Were Young – (Brianna’s sample recording)


Assignment #2! RIPTIDE (Nina and Nikki feat. the Lone Wolf)

Jasmin’s Sample Recording

Jason’s sample recording

“Numb” by Linkin Park

Kevin’s Sample Recording

Stacy’s sample recording

Lindsay’s Sample Recording

The song is called Lilac. Lilac You say you love Lilac best, Cause Lilac is your own name, How melancholy the flower is, How sensitive you are, As the flowers begin to die away, As the pictures begin to cease,… Continue Reading →

Jason’s Sample Recording

This is the background music of a cartoon movie.

Cathy’s sample recording

Mr. Salisbury – Learning to Loop

Hey everyone, Mr. Jackson introduced me to my new favourite thing the other day….electric guitars and loop pedals! The basic idea is that you can record yourself playing something, hit the pedal at exactly the right time, and it will… Continue Reading →

Tia’s Sample Recording

Falling Slowly Just the intro part. I’m still working on the chorus!

“Your meaning” by Janey

originally by IU

Angela (lorna Lin)1guitar audio

Block 3 – First Class Song – Wagon Wheel, Darius Rucker

A little delayed, but late is better than never! The Block 3 Intro to Guitar class tried their hand at playing Darius Rucker’s Wagon Wheel (previously performed by Old Crow Medicine Show… however it is neither of these bands original… Continue Reading →

Eric Kim Mar.27 quick performance

I tried to play “Loro” by Pinback this time. I recorded 2 parts, and put them together in a program. The guitar riff was repetitive, so the main challenge was staying consistent and syncing up the two recordings.

Does this past the test?

Somehow I got it in my head to try to play English Civil War, an old song by The Clash. I though it would be pretty easy because it’s all eighth notes and power chords. It didn’t come out very… Continue Reading →

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