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Fake ______ plays Real ______

Fake Neil Young (with real Bruce Springsteen) plays Real Willow Smith

There are a lot of these, but I believe this collaboration Bruce Springsteen is one of the first. See also: “Sexy and I know it” (again as Neil & Bruce), the Doors sing the theme from “the Reading Rainbow,” and… Continue Reading →

Fake Bob Dylan plays Real Brett Dennen

A little rough around the edges, but hopefully this makes it closer to the True Dylan.

Fake Mraz plays Real BIG

The Fake ______ plays Real _______ Assignment Adapt a song /children’s book / nursery rhyme to suit another performer ‘s style.  I don’t know how well I pull off Mraz’ vocal stylings just yet, but it was interesting to find… Continue Reading →

Fake _________ plays Real _________

Again courtesy of the Open Culture blog, I came across this gem of a Bob Dylan impersonation-gone-surreal with “covers” / remixes of Dr. Seuss books: Five years ago, a 30-something music producer from Houston, Texas got a big idea. Why… Continue Reading →

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