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uncover by zara larsson (acoustic cover)

when doves cry (cooper + nikki)

hold on we’re going home (cooper, nikki, and nina)

assignments by MelodyLab

assignment by Tina


Bri’s Assignment #2

Sorry this isnt great but I had fun filming it!!!


Amir, Kai, Andy, Ayden : Performance #2 introduction

Avicii Cover- Shayan and Alex

Sorry by J Biebs (Sample Recording) – Nikki, Nina, and Cooper


chord introducing

Chord introduction and mixing them

introduction to some chords. Part1 Ayden, Andy, Kai, Amirhossein

Introduction to some chords. Part1 Ayden, Andy, Kai, Amirhossein

Justin Wang’s introduce of perfrom

Bri and Jasmin’s Performance Goals

The chords are actually Dm7 G7 and Cmaj7

What Song We Chose

Sorry- Justin Bieber

tina poy cindy’s goal introduce

Performance#1 introduction, Amir, Kai, Aiden, Andy

Bri & Jasmin Sample Recording

Sample recording2

Sample recording #2, Amirhossein &Kai

Howdy 2016

Hiya again, Bryan and Talons. I’ve bummed around here a few times (intro for 2013 and one for 2014). Tonight’s greeting is from San Juan, Puerto Rico, where my “axe” as I told Bryan in a message, is more of… Continue Reading →

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