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Mr. J Intro Video

A few days behind the crew, but here is my intro video for this year’s #introguitar semester. My previous year’s efforts are here: 2013 2014 As I mention in this year’s video, I’m borrowing a little inspiration to focus my… Continue Reading →

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air cover with Clayton

Stolen Dance cover by Lori & Elissa

Elissa – Performance #3

Sorry, Elissa: I forgot the title of the song you played here!

Summer Song (by Matissa & Dorsa) performed by Shelby, Olga & Mr. J

Ian’s Performance #3 – Sunflower

Mr. J Performane – ee cummings prayer

With the help of visiting teacher from Thailand, Patong, and #introguitar alum Clayton.

Asynchronous Jam E / A / B Bassline

Here’s a first effort for those of you who might like to experiment with playing along with the bass riff from One Direction’s “You’re Beautiful.” To participate in the asynchronous jam, press ‘record’ on a Voice Memo or Garagband ap… Continue Reading →

Elissa Recording

Performance Goal Setting: Mr. Jackson Edition

For my first performance, I’m planning to play a song I wrote a few years ago called “Judy and the Town.” You can hear an older version of this song that I recorded with a three piece band last summer… Continue Reading →

Week Two: Learning Josh Ritter’s “Wolves”

Wow! After only a week in #introguitar, I am pleased to share today’s recording of Josh Ritter’s “Wolves,” a song we’ve kicked around in the class going back now a few years (you can see a collection of prior recordings… Continue Reading →

Bring it on Home to Me (Yeah)

I can’t recall for sure where I first heard Sam Cooke’s classic “Bring it on Home to Me,” or his wonderful voice. And there are a lot of his songs – along with those of Smokey Robinson, Otis Redding, and… Continue Reading →

Kain’s Course Introduction

Bert’s Course Introduction

Jeff’s Guitar Introduction

Youyan Course Introduction

This is the Soundtrack Tutorial from David Blair

David Blair is a friend of #introguitar and our music department who has made a living in recent years performing and recording his songs in Germany, where a few of them have recently made their way onto the radio! In… Continue Reading →

#IntroGuitar Course Welcome & Introduction

Hey folks!

Here’s a brief example of how you might contribute a course introduction during our first few weeks of class this semester. You can see many others here.

While open online participants are free to jump in and begin on any particular assignment they like, even a short video introduction to yourself and your playing can provide a meaningful connection to your classmates before we get going.

Here are some prompts to get you going:

  • Who are you? Where are you from? How do you come to find yourself in #IntroGuitar?
  • What is your experience or history with guitar (or music)?
  • What do you want to learn during the course?
  • Is there anything you would like support in learning from the #introguitar community?

Be sure to categorize your post under Course Introductions so they will sort … Continue reading

#IntroGuitar Spring 2015 Open Online Participant Invite

While it’s become something of a seasonal check in for many members of the #introguitar gang, this week’s new semester of our school’s Introduction to Guitar 11 course prompts a call for new would-be open online participants to join a… Continue Reading →

Split Screen Video w/ Melody Lab

I have to thank TALONS (and #introguitar) alum Clayton for recommending the MelodyLab app that allows you to make multi-part video-harmonies with your phone. It might be a ways from replicating Matt Mulholland’s epic multi-part Ghostbusters theme song, but the… Continue Reading →

John Prine Style Fingerpicking


Coattail Rider

So I thought I’d try to build off of CogDog’s Doors cover by adding a bass track. Not too happy with the way it came out – it’s a bit too loud in the mix at times, and doesn’t feel… Continue Reading →

Math and Blues with Dylan

Uh oh. Two days in a row. I’ve been messing around with a cover version of Bob Dylan’s Rainy Day Women 12 and 35. I was driving a few weeks ago when it came up on my music shuffle– a… Continue Reading →

Jamie, Terry, Joseph- I`m Yours cover(adding to Mr.Jackson`s “Runaround Sue”)

Experimenting with stroking patterns-Tiffany

For my remix assignment, I made a rendition of Joseph M’s stroking pattern assignment, which can be found at this link: http://talonsrockband.wordpress.com/2014/02/26/joseph-moon-sroke-pattern/ I chose to make a remix of his stroking pattern because I wanted to focus more on my… Continue Reading →

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