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General Assignments

What I’m Working On 
Just like it sounds: tell us what you’re working on. 

Tell the Story of Your Guitar
What kind is it?  Where / how did you come to acquire it?  What type of music do you like to play on it? Is there a good story of playing the guitar someplace significant? 

Introduce a New Chord
Introduce the class to a new chord, the scales and key(s) it’s a part of, and any other interesting connections you feel are worth sharing.

First Performance
Where and what was your first musical performance? How did it go? What has performing been like for you since? 

Performance Goal Setting
Introduce your goals and how you are approaching your upcoming performance(s). 

What can you strum? 
For Will, and Clay and anyone else learning / using other strummable instruments, we’d love to ‘meet’ your ukeleles, banjos or bass guitars. And anything else you can strum, of course!