SoundHouse Studios in Vancouver

This is the site and workspace for Introduction to Guitar 11, a elective course taught out of the Gleneagle Secondary Music Department. The goals of this course are to provide students with an introduction to basic guitar skills such as the major chords, strumming and fingerpicking, as well as elements of performance, collaboration, and basic songwriting.

The blog will allow us a chance to document, share and reflect upon our individual and collective progress, and for our learning community to extend onto the open web. (There’s even a way for you to join the course, from wherever you are, if you like.)

Read more about participating as an open online student and register here.


Participants will prepare a number of different assignments throughout the semester that they will have  choice in completing, both in what types of projects and performances, as well as the manner in which (ie, with whom) you complete them.


Participants will regularly perform in the classroom, and online, both as solo performers and as parts of ensembles.