A few days behind the crew, but here is my intro video for this year’s #introguitar semester. My previous year’s efforts are here:

As I mention in this year’s video, I’m borrowing a little inspiration to focus my guitar/music learning this semester from Anil Dash, who spent a year only retweeting women:

 If you’re inclined, try being mindful of whose voices you share, amplify, validate and promote to others. For me, it was giving a platform to women where I wasn’t able to mansplain the things they were already saying, but instead just sharing out their own thoughts in their own words. It may be by issue, or by identity, or by community, or some other consideration.

Along with the students in my room, and those joining us online, I hope that this space can become one of sharing, amplification, and validation. Looking forward to learning with you this spring!