Here is my rather long preflection for our final performance in guitar class this semester! I have really enjoyed spending time in a laid back atmosphere and getting to play music, and meeting some more amazing people along the way! I think I have gotten what I wanted out of this course in that I can now confidently continue playing guitar and build on what I learned in this semester, as well as have the basic skills to perform some fun songs on my own or with others. All you really need is the belief to do something, and I think with what I have learned in this semester, and the confidence I have built in myself performing and in playing guitar, I can take guitar and music into the future and enjoy many new and amazing moments from it. Thank you Mr. Jackson and everyone else for making this an awesome semester and class to be a part of, and I wish you all the best in the future. You are all awesome guitar players, singers, and musicians, so keep rocking the stage!