In this video, Nick and I did the song “Little Things” by one direction. We choose this song because we enjoyed playing the chords. We also liked it because the song is catchy and well known. What I found challenging was knowing where we were in the song without singing or with anyway of telling eachother. I also found it challenging switching chords 3 times in a few words. If i could change anything about the performance it would be singing should have been added so that our chord changes and strums were on time and also being faster at changing chords.

-Ashley Fabbian


Ashley and I chose to do the song “Little Things” by One Direction. We chose this song because it presented enough of a challenge for us to play but was still at our beginner level of guitar. For me the song was a medium level of difficulty, I found the switching of chords later in the song challenging but manageable. I think if I could redo the song performance I would slow the tempo of the song and properly strum the final chords more. For a future performance I would like to improve on my strumming pattern and learn some new chords to put in the song.

-Nick Djonlic