This was my first solo performance for Intro Guitar. I chose “More Than Words” by Extreme as my song. This song was difficult to learn because of the complex finger picking progressions. Each different chord had its own finger picking progression which made it hard to memorize. I did end up memorizing my song, but during the performance I was worried that I might forget what I memorized. I ended up brining my sheet music as a backup. This song is also very pleasing to the ear, the guitar player in the official music video managed to play the guitar with a beautiful tone.

I wanted to be able to play each chord clearly without any buzzing noise. This was my main goal and I somewhat satisfied it. The reason why I did not fully meet my goal is because I was extremely nervous (explained later). Another goal for my performance was to play the guitar piece as same as possible with the actual song. I ended up changing some finger picking progressions because it sounded better for me.

The main reason I wanted to play this song is because of the complex finger picking and the complex chords. It was a fun challenge for me and I think I somewhat succeeded. The finger picking also had the melody which was a lot more fun comparted to playing chords. When I was practicing I played through the whole song, but during the performance I decided to cut off a minute of repetitions and the introduction. I also had to tune one half step down for the performance (as played in the real music video).

If I were to play this song again I would practice more in front of a big audience. When I was practicing alone I was not nervous, during the performance I was really nervous. Because I was so nervous my chords hand got sweaty and weak. This caused some of the buzzing noise. It was hard to hold down a bared chord when your hand is constantly shaking. Another thing I would improve is the finger percussion (when you tap the top string against the guitar to make a hi-hat noise). During the performance I did not manage to hit the top string hard enough and it did not make a satisfying noise. I would try to improve on this if I were to play this some again for the group. I will also try to hire a singer next time for my performance. It was hard to keep a steady rhythm without a singer.