The song I picked was supposed to be this really pretty song/lullaby called ‘Into the West’. My goal was to play it without singing and actually have it sound like the song. For this assignment I had planned to learn the non-barred F chord and some finger picking (I changed my mind later to what I did in the performance so that it could be heard better.) I learned both of these things to a point I was fairly happy with, but my performance did not demonstrate that at all. I did not meet my expectations. I took a song I quite like and essentially butchered it. I played it all the way through with the proper timing and chord progression not 5 minutes earlier, but my nerves got the nest of me and absolutely killed the performance. Once I was up everything I learned went out the window. I messed up the chord progression, lost my timing more than once, and played it way too fast. I don’t really know how to fix it. I’ll just have to pick something that is super deep in my comfort zone for the next performance and hope for the best.