Hey everyone,

Mr. Jackson introduced me to my new favourite thing the other day….electric guitars and loop pedals!

The basic idea is that you can record yourself playing something, hit the pedal at exactly the right time, and it will play it back to you on repeat. Why is that cool?! Because it means you can play guitar… with yourself! You can put as many layers of different sounds and parts on your guitar as you want, and the end result is a very complicated, very complex piece of music, that is literally the sum of a handful of very simple, easy to play components.

Needless to say, I couldn’t stop myself from going back to school on Saturday and breaking it out… (when Mr. Jackson and I were jamming on Friday, I was having trouble with the timing)… and practicing. I messed it up a lot, and tried recording something about 10 times. This is the one time that I mostly got it right… there are lots of missed notes etc. but it was really fun, and it’s going to be hard to not do this everyday! Here’s to pushing your limits and learning something new every day :) Enjoy!