Well this was really my first solo performance ever, to think of it actually. It certainly hasn’t happened all the time, but listening to this song has.

I chose this song to perform because it has fairly simple chords and I’ve been wanting to learn and play it for a while now. Tyler Shaw is one of my favourite artists, and fun fact, he’s from Coquitlam! As you may have seen in my soul song post a week or so ago, I heard him for the first time at WeDay live at my first WeDay in grade 6. Since then I’ve followed all his new songs and they’re all some of my favourite songs to hear on the radio.

This song has a capo on 3 so it’s not entirely just the basic chords, and I really wanted to challenge myself for this performance by singing. I was really nervous and hesitant to take on the challenge of singing as I don’t think I’m a particularly proficient singer. I was in choir all throughout middle school, but haven’t done tons of singing since then. I have, however, known the words to this song for a very long time, though, as virtually every time I hear the song, which is a fair a bit, I sing along. So this made it easier to take a chance and actually sing with the guitar on my own.

I was excited to get experience playing in front of a larger group, and singing, as a solo performer. It was somewhat of a new experience as the only other time I have sung on my own in front of a large group of people was in elementary school, and it was only for short section before being joined by some other performers. I found the performance particularly difficult as I got more nervous than I thought I would, or than I was hoping I would, so it made it more difficult to sing on pitch and loud enough to be heard over the guitar. Additionally, when I performed, as I was more nervous I didn’t look up at the audience but solely at my fingers on the chords for a large majority of the song, whereas when I was practising I could look up at my smaller audiences and really sing out more.

I think one of my goals was to really commit to the singing. Even as I was hesitant and unsure as to whether I should sing or not, I was really encouraging myself to just go for it. I’m glad I did, and I think this will really help with any future performances as now I now how it feels to sing in front of people and to perform in general. I also wanted to put some emphasis on variation in strumming volume throughout the song so it wasn’t all the same. I think I accomplished this to a certain extent however when I’ve been playing itmore over the past few days following my performance I have gotten more and more confidence and my overall performance, singing, and the strumming have improved, but I guess you have to perform at some point and you can always get better. It was also probably somewhat subject to my nervousness during my performance.

Overall, I really enjoyed my performance and I am looking forward to playing again for people! I hope to sing again with a song soon. The most important thing is to just go for it and be confident, it doesn’t really matter if you mess up on one note or chord or word.

Thanks for watching and I look forward to next time! Have a great day!