Why did you choose the song?

  • It’s a extremely beautiful song. I always listened to it when I first stayed in Canada. In other word, this song is my first memory of Canada.

What is the song about (in your opinion)?

  • It’s the theme song of Hunger Game. It expresses Katniss’s sorrow, pain and hope. It tells us never to give up hope.

What part of the song do you want to capture or present to your audience? What makes the song special, musically or lyrically?

  • The hope of poor people, the dark of cruel rules.
  • Its melody and rhythm is simple but moving.

What is challenging about the song? How will you take on this challenge? Who will help you with this? What can we (your classmates and community) do to support you?

  • The song’s melody and lyrics are too simple to express feelings vividly.
  • I will try my best to sing this song.
  • I will play ang sing just by myself,so…I think my guitar will help me  ^_^
  • You maybe could hum with the melody; that will make atmosphere better. Come om!