I put together a little jam with myself the other day on Garage Band. I was trying to come up with a way of sharing it, and settled on uploading it to youtube. I had to edit a video to get it on there, and I settled upon “picture of a dog riding a bicycle”. I was calling this “a little something”, but given the picture….I guess it will be called “Dog on a Bike” from here on out.

I recorded the first riff, which is really just an Am picking and sliding up two frets simultaneously. It is nothing special, but I really like the idea of taking lots of really simple sounds and combining them to make something that sounds much more complicated. So I tried to see what I could do with it.

I recorded a second track with the bass-ish notes along with a percussive slap of the strings thrown in there as well every bar.

The third track was a percussive track, playing drums on the back and side of the guitar, which I then ran through some filters to give it a different sound.

The fourth track are the higher, distant sounding repetitive notes that make it sound a bit like an old western movie.

The fifth is the attempt at an improvised solo, also run through some filters to make it sound like something other than an acoustic guitar. Lots of really simple little repetitions that end up sounding like something more, all recorded at different times on an acoustic guitar.

Asynchronous, but all me. Please add to it if you like!