Ok, here’s a potential project / assignment / lark for those of you looking to experiment with a new chord and potentially a new way to collaborate musically across space and time. Allow me to introduce the Asynchronous Jam, and the Fleetwood Mac classic, “Dreams.”

The verses rely on the central groove of F – G, and the choruses are a similar tempo shifting between A minor and G. Here is a lyric and chord chart to the song if you would like to play along, record a new layer to the scratch track – lead guitar, vocals, or new arrangements of the cover.

To join the asynchronous jam, GarageBand users can download the Soundcloud file above and record new tracks of their own. (A lower-fi option is recording yourself playing/singing along with the track playing on speakers through a second device’s Voice Memo or Soundcloud/Audioboo ap.  Be sure to tag your work Asynchronous Jam.