Beginning with the same chords, we find ourselves in a similar situation to last year:

In class over the next few days, to build on our initial knowledge of D major and E minor, we’ll be playing Josh Ritter‘s song “Wolves,” from his stellar fourth album, Animal Years.

In what could be called an AAA song structure, Ritter uses the repeating patter of D / D / Em / G (although he seems to play live with a capo on the second fret) to build a galloping country anthem along the riff:


The above riff, and this complete tab are courtesy of & the work of Matt Rowly.

You can hear #IntroGuitar’s first efforts at the chord progression below, recorded live February 19th, 2014:

As well, here is a slow bass riff for beginners to accompany and strum along to in learning the progression (there is also a brief introduction to making/participating in Asynchronous Jams in this post):

Last year, Colin Jagoe also made an excellent rhythm track that’s a little faster than the bassline above and employs both his tenor guitar, and a mandolin. Enjoy!

I added vocals to Colin’s track here: