An introduction to a song we’ve been learning in class this last week, the classic by Van Morrison, “Wild Night.”

For quick reference, the song has three basic components (but here is the full version of the chords and lyrics I’m borrowing from:

Verse 1 

Em                                        G
As you brush you shoes, and stand before the mirror

Em                                          G
As you comb your hair, and grab your coat and hat

Em                                     G
And you walk wet streets, trying to remember

C                               D                        G
With all the wild nights breezing in your memory ever

Pre Chorus / Transition 

Em                  C
And ev’rything looks so complete

Em                         C
When you’re walkin’ out on the street

Em                        C
And the wind catches your feet

And sends you flyin’, cryin’


Em           C           D           Em

D           G
The Wild Night is calling