So I took a shot at this too. I was sitting tonight with my guitar playing downer tunes (Creep by Radiohead, and a deathly slow version of Old Man by Neil Young) Guess I was in a mood. So I was mucking about with chords, and the thought crossed my mind, that I should write some lyrics to this.. wait.. or try Michelle’s lyrics. See Jabiz’s post for the history again.  So I pulled up the Google Doc and started messing around with things lyrics and chords. I moved, added, changed, deleted as it struck me. The lyrics really are pretty awesome. (Thanks again Michelle!)

Process Notes:

Did a few takes in GarageBand till I thought it was presentable, then recorded it. Decided to maybe try some fills and backing with my electric, so plugged in. Something sounded off, so I tuned the electric and tried again. Nope. Then I realized that my acoustic original track was not tuned right. So… tuned that guitar, and did the take again. This took quite a bit of time, so lesson to take away? Tune. Often. :)   I also had a few tech issues plugging different mics and things into my computer, so that never goes smoothly as you hope. So lessons learned there too.

Here ’tis. My downer version of Lachrymose. Enjoy!

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