Hey ya’ll.

So I can’t really show you guys my guitar due to my ultimately destroyed iphone, but the story will do :)
Technically, neither of my two guitars are even mine – one of which is ~800 and the other being ~300. One old, one new. Before I was interested in guitar whatsoever, my brother brought him an 800 dollar guitar with his first paycheck. He didn’t even learn how to play yet… Anyhow, he taught himself over time and became good enough to *look* good at playing guitar. On the other hand, I started to get interested and started strumming the chords that I learned in grade 8 music class. As it was frustrating to see my father and brother playing difficult songs, I decided to take on this course and learn to do the same. So far, still frustrating.
P.S. the guitar is a seagull if anyone knows what that is (company).

pkthunder = Paul Kim