Again courtesy of the Open Culture blog, I came across this gem of a Bob Dylan impersonation-gone-surreal with “covers” / remixes of Dr. Seuss books:

Five years ago, a 30-something music producer from Houston, Texas got a big idea. Why not take his two favorite things — Bob Dylan and Dr. Seuss, of course — and mash them up into one original creation. Hence came Dylan Hears a Who, a mock album that took seven Dr. Seuss classics and put them to the melodies and imitated voice of Mr. Dylan. The cuts went viral, giving Dylan-Seuss fans worldwide the chance to enjoy creative takes on Green Eggs and Ham (above); The Cat in the Hat; Oh, The Thinks You Can Think! (below); Too Many Daves; and The Zax. Soon enough, the songs faded into YouTube oblivion, awaiting the day when a digital archaeologist would come along and do an excavation. Well, today’s the day. Enjoy!

This led me to another idea for an assignment I would love to see some folks in #IntroGuitar run with: Fake _________ plays Real _________ wherein you could attempt to adapt children’s books (as most of them rhyme, though why stop there?) in the style of a notable guitarist or performer.

While electric, friend of #IntroGuitar David Kernohan has an excellent Jimi Hendrix-inspired cover of the Spice Girls “Two become One” that I heartily recommend.