Good day fellow guitar players!

My name is Nathan Moes. I am a teacher living and teaching in the tiny town of Dease Lake in Northern B.C.  I have followed the activities of the Talons classroom through Bryan’s blog and twitter for about a year now, and as I am now in my first teaching position, and teaching several guitar classes as well, I was keen to come aboard this parallel class.

I am hoping that the experience of learning alongside a fellow classroom guitar teacher will not only help me improve my guitar playing, but my teaching of guitar. And I simply need more motivation to pick up my guitar, to finish incomplete songs and other projects.

My father's guitar. My guitar.

My father’s guitar. My guitar.

That’s my father’s guitar. I have never seen him play it. While he’s got a hearty singing voice, it was always acapella, unless he could coax myself or my sister to join him on the piano. I snagged the guitar a couple of years ago, and began learning, as to that point I had only played piano (thanks for the lessons mom!) and some drums and percussion (thanks for the lessons high school band!).

I cannot rip it up on a guitar, but am content to finger pick and strum up songs in my spare time. And this course will now keep me just a little more focused in doing so. Here’s to hoping.

You can follow me on twitter @_themagician